absolvent verbe, absolver verbe, absolvez verbe, absolvons verbe, absoudre verbe

will absolve

absolvera verbe, absolverai verbe, absolverez verbe, absolverons verbe, absolveront verbe, absoudra verbe, absoudrai verbe, absoudrez verbe, absoudrons verbe, absoudront verbe

might absolve

absolvassent verbe, absolvassiez verbe, absolvassions verbe, absolvissent verbe, absolvissiez verbe, absolvissions verbe, absolvât verbe, absolût verbe

should absolve

absolveraient verbe, absolverais verbe, absolverait verbe, absolveriez verbe, absolverions verbe, absoudraient verbe, absoudrais verbe, absoudrait verbe, absoudriez verbe, absoudrions verbe

Exemple d'usage de absolve

The form in use at present is as follows: "My child, N. N., may our Lord and God Christ Jesus by the mercy of His love absolve thee from thy sins; and I, ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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