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En anglais : Name: fatima al-zahraa, daughter of the prophet muhammad (s. A. W. ) And lady khadija (a. S. ); Wife of imam ali (a. S. ); Mother of imam hassan (a. S. ), Hussein (a. S. ); Zeinab and um kulthum. Birth: most historians agree fatima (a. S. ) Was born five yea

En français : Nom: fatima al-zahraa, fille du prophète muhammad (s. A. W) et de dame khadja (a. S. ); Femme de imam ali (a. S. ); Mère de imam hassan (a. S. ), Hussein (a. S. ); Zeinab et um kulthum. Naissance: la plupart des historiens considèrent que fatima (a. S. ) Est née cinq ans. .. (Crédit : Sylang)

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Birth defect is a physical or mental abnormality present at the time of birth. ... A person is considered of illegitimate birth if he is born of parents not ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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