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camping-site, was camping, were camping

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En anglais : My favorite season is summer. The months of summer are june, july and august. Sports that are play are baseball, football, and running. The activity's are swimming, biking, and camping. The zodiac sign is leo. A famous person that was born was

En français : Ma saison préférée est l'été. Les mois de l'été sont juin, juillet et août. Les sports qui se pratiquent sont le baseball, le football et la course. Les activités sont la nage, la bicyclette ainsi que le camping. Le signe zodiaque est le lion. Une personne renommée qui est née. .. (Crédit : Sylang)

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Camping is an outdoor recreational activity, in which the campers get away from ... RV campers often choose these devices because they consider tent camping ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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