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En français : Mon amour! Je t'aime beaucoup chou chou! Vous m'aimez? C'est toi! Ne me quitte pas. Je te veuz! J'ai besoin de toi! Tu es mighon embrasse-moi! Baise-moi! Tu es le bout! Bebe je t'adore

En anglais : My love! I like you lots darling! Do you love me? It's you! Don't leave me. I want you! I need you! You're cute, kiss me! Sleep with me! * You're the best! Baby I love you * this could also just mean 'kiss me! ', But given the informal tone of the letter, the translation given is more likely (although I have given the 'clean' version of it! ). There are quite a few spelling mistakes in this note, but I've done the best I can. (Crédit : Sylang)

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