caillent verbe, cailler verbe, caillez verbe, caillons verbe, coagulent verbe, coaguler verbe, coagulez verbe, coagulons verbe

will coagulate

caillera verbe, caillerai verbe, caillerez verbe, caillerons verbe, cailleront verbe, coagulera verbe, coagulerai verbe, coagulerez verbe, coagulerons verbe, coaguleront verbe

might coagulate

caillassent verbe, caillassiez verbe, caillassions verbe, caillât verbe, coagulassent verbe, coagulassiez verbe, coagulassions verbe, coagulât verbe

should coagulate

cailleraient verbe, caillerais verbe, caillerait verbe, cailleriez verbe, caillerions verbe, coaguleraient verbe, coagulerais verbe, coagulerait verbe, coaguleriez verbe, coagulerions verbe

Exemple d'usage de coagulate

This crude rennet can then be used for coagulation of the milk. 1 gram of this solution should then coagulate 2000 to 4000 grams of milk. ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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