contresignent verbe, contresigner verbe, contresignez verbe, contresignons verbe

will countersign

contresignera verbe, contresignerai verbe, contresignerez verbe, contresignerons verbe, contresigneront verbe

might countersign

contresignassent verbe, contresignassiez verbe, contresignassions verbe, contresignât verbe

should countersign

contresigneraient verbe, contresignerais verbe, contresignerait verbe, contresigneriez verbe, contresignerions verbe

Exemple d'usage de countersign

Countersign is a military term for a sign, word, or any other signal ... However, in some armies, the countersign is strictly the reply of the sentry to the ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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