acharnent verbe, acharner verbe, acharnez verbe, acharnons verbe, aigrir verbe, aigris verbe, aigrissent verbe, aigrissez verbe, aigrissons verbe

will embitter

acharnera verbe, acharnerai verbe, acharnerez verbe, acharnerons verbe, acharneront verbe, aigrira verbe, aigrirai verbe, aigrirez verbe, aigrirons verbe, aigriront verbe

might embitter

acharnassent verbe, acharnassiez verbe, acharnassions verbe, acharnât verbe, aigrît verbe

should embitter

acharneraient verbe, acharnerais verbe, acharnerait verbe, acharneriez verbe, acharnerions verbe, aigriraient verbe, aigrirait verbe, aigririez verbe, aigririons verbe

Exemple d'usage de embitter

But the events of 1643 - 1644 had done more than embitter him. They had combined with his Presbyterianism to make him intolerant of all that he conceived to ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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