accentuent verbe (GB), accentuer verbe (GB), accentuez verbe (GB), accentuons verbe (GB)

will emphasise

accentueront verbe, accentuerons verbe, accentuerez verbe, accentuerai verbe, accentuera verbe

might emphasise

accentuât verbe, accentuassions verbe, accentuassiez verbe, accentuassent verbe

should emphasise

accentuerions verbe, accentueriez verbe, accentuerait verbe, accentuerais verbe, accentueraient verbe

Exemple d'usage de emphasise

Some men emphasise the privilege received by virtue of being men in a patriarchal or ... Some pro-feminist men argue that those who emphasise the latter, ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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