abjurent verbe, abjurer verbe, abjurez verbe, abjurons verbe

will forswear

abjurera verbe, abjurerai verbe, abjurerez verbe, abjurerons verbe, abjureront verbe

might forswear

abjurassent verbe, abjurassiez verbe, abjurassions verbe, abjurât verbe

should forswear

abjureraient verbe, abjurerais verbe, abjurerait verbe, abjureriez verbe, abjurerions verbe

Exemple d'usage de forswear

Deng Xiaoping rejected the Maoist tendency to forswear the technological trappings of the so-called West (including soft technology in the form of social ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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