humilient verbe, humilier verbe, humiliez verbe, humilions verbe

will humiliate

humiliera verbe, humilierai verbe, humilierez verbe, humilierons verbe, humilieront verbe

might humiliate

humiliassent verbe, humiliassiez verbe, humiliassions verbe, humiliât verbe

should humiliate

humilieraient verbe, humilierais verbe, humilierait verbe, humilieriez verbe, humilierions verbe

Exemple d'usage de humiliate

1.1 "Humiliate the Host"; 1.2 "Get the Guests"; 1.3 "Bringing Up Baby" ... This brutal event concludes the game of "Humiliate the Host." ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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