insinuent verbe, insinuer verbe, insinuez verbe, insinuons verbe

will insinuate

insinuera verbe, insinuerai verbe, insinuerez verbe, insinuerons verbe, insinueront verbe

might insinuate

insinuassent verbe, insinuassiez verbe, insinuassions verbe, insinuât verbe

should insinuate

insinueraient verbe, insinuerais verbe, insinuerait verbe, insinueriez verbe, insinuerions verbe

Exemple d'usage de insinuate

These are the areas in which you insinuate about the original questioneer: ... you insinuate mexicans to be the only celebrators of this holiday ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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