agonir verbe, agonis verbe, agonissent verbe, agonissez verbe, agonissons verbe, insulte nom féminin, insultent verbe, insulter verbe, insultez verbe, insultons verbe

will insult

agonira verbe, agonirai verbe, agonirez verbe, agonirons verbe, agoniront verbe, insultera verbe, insulterai verbe, insulterez verbe, insulterons verbe, insulteront verbe

might insult

agonît verbe, insultassent verbe, insultassiez verbe, insultassions verbe, insultât verbe

should insult

agoniraient verbe, agonirait verbe, agoniriez verbe, agonirions verbe, insulteraient verbe, insulterais verbe, insulterait verbe, insulteriez verbe, insulterions verbe

Exemple d'usage de insult

But insults to one person who might not mind the derogatory speech may indirectly insult others. Many states and local municipalities enforce prohibitions ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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