majorer verbe, surestiment verbe, surestimer verbe, surestimez verbe, surestimons verbe

will overestimate

surestimera verbe, surestimerai verbe, surestimerez verbe, surestimerons verbe, surestimeront verbe

might overestimate

surestimassent verbe, surestimassiez verbe, surestimassions verbe, surestimât verbe

should overestimate

surestimeraient verbe, surestimerais verbe, surestimerait verbe, surestimeriez verbe, surestimerions verbe

Exemple d'usage de overestimate

Impact bias — the tendency for people to overestimate the length or the intensity ... Positive outcome bias — a tendency in prediction to overestimate the ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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