polymérisent verbe (GB), polymériser verbe (GB), polymérisez verbe (GB), polymérisons verbe (GB)

will polymerise

polymériseront verbe, polymériserons verbe, polymériserez verbe, polymériserai verbe, polymérisera verbe

might polymerise

polymérisât verbe, polymérisassions verbe, polymérisassiez verbe, polymérisassent verbe

should polymerise

polymériserions verbe, polymériseriez verbe, polymériserait verbe, polymériserais verbe, polymériseraient verbe

Exemple d'usage de polymerise

A variety of catalysts can polymerise lactide to either heterotactic or syndiotactic polylactide, which as biodegradable polyesters with valuable (inter ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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