scrutent verbe, scruter verbe, scrutez verbe, scrutons verbe, sonde nom féminin, sondent verbe, sonder verbe, sondez verbe, sondons verbe

will probe

scrutera verbe, scruterai verbe, scruterez verbe, scruterons verbe, scruteront verbe, sondera verbe, sonderai verbe, sonderez verbe, sonderons verbe, sonderont verbe

might probe

scrutassent verbe, scrutassiez verbe, scrutassions verbe, scrutât verbe, sondassent verbe, sondassiez verbe, sondassions verbe, sondât verbe

should probe

scruteraient verbe, scruterais verbe, scruterait verbe, scruteriez verbe, scruterions verbe, sonderaient verbe, sonderais verbe, sonderait verbe, sonderiez verbe, sonderions verbe

Exemple d'usage de probe

A robotic probe is a device that uses onboard instruments to gather and relay a ... A probe card is an interface between an electronic test system and a ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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