mâchent verbe, mâcher verbe, mâchez verbe, mâchons verbe

will chew

mâchera verbe, mâcherai verbe, mâcherez verbe, mâcherons verbe, mâcheront verbe

might chew

mâchassent verbe, mâchassiez verbe, mâchassions verbe, mâchât verbe

should chew

mâcheraient verbe, mâcherais verbe, mâcherait verbe, mâcheriez verbe, mâcherions verbe

Exemple d'usage de chew

This is due to starting pitcher Nate Robertson's habit of chewing a large wad of Big League Chew in the dugout when his teammates are up to bat and ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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