go to bed

go to bed

Go to bed

go to bed

couchent verbe, coucher verbe, couchez verbe, couchons verbe

will go to bed

couchera verbe, coucherai verbe, coucherez verbe, coucherons verbe, coucheront verbe

might go to bed

couchassent verbe, couchassiez verbe, couchassions verbe, couchât verbe

should go to bed

coucheraient verbe, coucherais verbe, coucherait verbe, coucheriez verbe, coucherions verbe

Exemple d'usage de go to bed

The mere suggestion that a tax be levied on those who have their shades drawn during daylight hours, or simply that people should get up and go to bed ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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