enfreignent verbe, enfreignez verbe, enfreignons verbe, enfreindre verbe, enfreins verbe

will infringe

enfreindra verbe, enfreindrai verbe, enfreindrez verbe, enfreindrons verbe, enfreindront verbe

might infringe

enfreignissent verbe, enfreignissiez verbe, enfreignissions verbe, enfreignît verbe

should infringe

enfreindraient verbe, enfreindrais verbe, enfreindrait verbe, enfreindriez verbe, enfreindrions verbe

Exemple d'usage de infringe

Those who accuse others of being patent pirates say that they take advantage of the high cost of enforcing a patent to willfully infringe valid patents with ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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