apercevez verbe, apercevoir verbe, apercevons verbe, apercois verbe, aperçoivent verbe

will perceive

apercevra verbe, apercevrai verbe, apercevrez verbe, apercevrons verbe, apercevront verbe

might perceive

aperçussent verbe, aperçussiez verbe, aperçussions verbe, aperçût verbe

should perceive

apercevraient verbe, apercevrais verbe, apercevrait verbe, apercevriez verbe, apercevrions verbe

Exemple d'usage de perceive

Others who are not picture thinkers, may not necessarily perceive the 'shape-shifting' as their world changes. The 'esemplastic' nature has been shown by ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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