affermir verbe, affermis verbe, affermissent verbe, affermissez verbe, affermissons verbe, fortifient verbe, fortifier verbe, fortifiez verbe, fortifions verbe

will strengthen

affermira verbe, affermirai verbe, affermirez verbe, affermirons verbe, affermiront verbe, fortifiera verbe, fortifierai verbe, fortifierez verbe, fortifierons verbe, fortifieront verbe

might strengthen

affermît verbe, fortifiassent verbe, fortifiassiez verbe, fortifiassions verbe, fortifiât verbe

should strengthen

affermiraient verbe, affermirait verbe, affermiriez verbe, affermirions verbe, fortifieraient verbe, fortifierais verbe, fortifierait verbe, fortifieriez verbe, fortifierions verbe

Exemple d'usage de strengthen

He also sought to avoid any obvious defensive preparation which might provoke a German attack, in the hope of buying time to modernize and strengthen his ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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