cambriolent verbe, cambrioler verbe, cambriolez verbe, cambriolons verbe

will burglarize

cambriolera verbe, cambriolerai verbe, cambriolerez verbe, cambriolerons verbe, cambrioleront verbe

might burglarize

cambriolassent verbe, cambriolassiez verbe, cambriolassions verbe, cambriolât verbe

should burglarize

cambrioleraient verbe, cambriolerais verbe, cambriolerait verbe, cambrioleriez verbe, cambriolerions verbe

Exemple d'usage de burglarize

To carry out a burglary is to burgle (British English) or burglarize (US English). For a summary of the history of this offense, see burglary (history). ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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