component verbe, componer verbe, componez verbe, componons verbe, composent verbe, composer verbe, composez verbe, composons verbe

will compose

componera verbe, componerai verbe, componerez verbe, componerons verbe, componeront verbe, composera verbe, composerai verbe, composerez verbe, composerons verbe, composeront verbe

might compose

componassent verbe, componassiez verbe, componassions verbe, componât verbe, composassent verbe, composassiez verbe, composassions verbe, composât verbe

should compose

componeraient verbe, componerais verbe, componerait verbe, componeriez verbe, componerions verbe, composeraient verbe, composerais verbe, composerait verbe, composeriez verbe, composerions verbe

Exemple d'usage de compose

On some computer systems, a compose key is a key which is designated to signal ... The compose key and compose LED on a Sun Type 5c keyboard is the second- ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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