accaparent verbe (GB), accaparer verbe (GB), accaparez verbe (GB), accaparons verbe (GB), monopolisent verbe (GB), monopoliser verbe (GB), monopolisez verbe (GB), monopolisons verbe (GB)

will monopolise

accapareront verbe, accaparerons verbe, accaparerez verbe, accaparerai verbe, accaparera verbe, monopoliseront verbe, monopoliserons verbe, monopoliserez verbe, monopoliserai verbe, monopolisera verbe

might monopolise

accaparât verbe, accaparassions verbe, accaparassiez verbe, accaparassent verbe, monopolisât verbe, monopolisassions verbe, monopolisassiez verbe, monopolisassent verbe

should monopolise

accaparerions verbe, accapareriez verbe, accaparerait verbe, accaparerais verbe, accapareraient verbe, monopoliserions verbe, monopoliseriez verbe, monopoliserait verbe, monopoliserais verbe, monopoliseraient verbe

Exemple d'usage de monopolise

This rule also protects the American culture because, if (for example) Chinese people become the majority in the future, they will be unable to monopolise ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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