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En anglais : And faithful gustave who had always kept his crowded hour for her, with his false french and his soothing thumb on the neck and shoulders and the top of the spine, suddenly metamorphosed beside her into a bare-kneed major with a cockney accent.

En français : Et le fidèle gustave qui lui avait toujours reservé ses heures les plus chargées, avec son faux français et son pouce soulageant le cou, les épaules et la pointe des vertèbres, se métamorphosa soudain en un commandant aux genoux nus à l'accent cockney. (Crédit : Sylang)

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The thumb when extended (as in a "thumbs-up") can also appear to bend backwards toward the nail and outwards, a recessive congenital condition known as ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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