danse nom féminin, dansent verbe, danser verbe, dansez verbe, dansons verbe

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En anglais : The folklore unites the past, the present day and the future. The folklore caries the message of beauty and love between people of all times. Only in peace the art, the tradition the songs and dance have their meaning and aim. Cherishing t

En français : Le folklore unit le passé, le présent et le futur. Le folklore porte le message de beauté et d'amour entre les gens de tous les temps. Seulement en paix l'art, la tradition les chansons et la danse ont leur signification et leur but. Chérissant .... (Crédit : Sylang)

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Dance performed without music is said to be danced to its own rhythm. ... During the reign of Louis XIV, himself a dancer, dance became more codified. ... (Crédit : Wikipedia)

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